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All Healing Comes from the Divine Source.

Nina Cree is a Healing and Evidential Medium

Nina Cree is both an Evidential and a Healing Medium.

As an Evidential Medium, she is able to connect with the spirits of those who have passed on. She brings in specific evidence that will help you know with certainty that your loved ones are indeed communicating with you.

As a Healing Medium, she facilitates helping you and your loved ones to communicate, whatever needs to be communicated, for you to feel more at peace after your loss.

Who is Nina Cree?

Nina Cree never planned on becoming a medium. Having been raised in a conservative Christian family, her early religious training had instilled in her a tremendous fear of such things.

Nevertheless, she experienced several significant spiritual events which eventually led to her spiritual awakening. She recalls one such event that occurred the night her father passed.

“As I sat sobbing in my bed, I heard my dad call my name. It was clearly his voice, he sounded exactly as he had each time he had called to me throughout my life. Startled, I opened my eyes and there was my daddy, standing at the end of my bed. He was surrounded by a shimmering cloud, but I recognized him immediately. As he began to speak, I was aware that I was actually having a conversation with my deceased father! He told me he loved me and wanted me to be strong for my mother, but most of all he wanted me to know that he was okay.”

Many years later, after her mother passed, Nina experienced another important spiritual event.  She received her first reading from an evidential medium.  She had no idea what to expect from a reading so she was both skeptical and frightened.   The medium had a similar background to Nina’s so he understood her fear and hesitation.  He was very gifted and he brought in both of her parents with overwhelming and undeniable evidence. The reading was a profound and healing experience for Nina and it turned out to be the catalyst that propelled her on her incredible spiritual journey.

Less than a year later, during meditation, Nina was guided to begin training as a medium.  This was completely unexpected and unsettling for her.  She had only received one reading in her life and she wasn’t aware that she had any mediumship ability at all.  But she trusted her guides and attended her first mediumship class.  It was during that class that Nina did her very first readings.

Today Nina’s work includes both spiritual healing and evidential mediumship. She has trained with Evidential Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Suzanne Giesemann, Rev. Janet Nohavec of the Journey Within School of Mediumship, and Brian Robertson and Simon James of The Inner Quest Foundation and the Arthur Findlay College.

Nina currently lives in Texas with her husband, George.  They have 2 daughters, 4 grandsons, and two golden retrievers.

What is a Spiritual Healer?

nina cree healing mediumNina is a spiritual healer and does healing meditations for people who need physical, emotional or spiritual healing. It is not necessary for her to be in physical contact, or even be in the same location with the person receiving the healing. Distance healing is as effective as hands-on healing.

Nina uses her ability to connect with the spirit world and works with the spirits and guides on the other side of the veil to send healing energy to the person who is ill. She does not diagnose or give guarantees and she is not responsible for any outcomes as she is only a vessel, a conduit.

All healing comes from the Divine Source.

What to Expect Before a Reading

Nina prefers to have little or no background information about you or your loved ones before doing a reading. Most readings are done using a free and easy to install video app called Zoom. These readings are recorded and you will receive a confidential copy of the recording following the reading.

Nina also does telephone readings and you will receive a copy of the audio recording following the session.

Although spirits on the other side are usually excited and anxious to communicate with their loved ones here, there are no guarantees which, or if any, of your loved ones, will come through.  The spirits decide if they want to come through during a reading.

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After your request is received, Nina will schedule an appointment for you and send a confirmation email within 3 days after the request has been received, with the day and time of your reading, along with an invoice for the reading.

You will have 3 business days from the date of the invoice to confirm the appointment and pay for the session which is prepaid through PayPal.

If the payment is not received during that time period, the appointment will be canceled. Payments are fully refundable if Nina is notified by email 5 days before the scheduled appointment day.

Nina Offers Three Types of Sessions: In Person, Phone Calls, and Zoom Online Video Chat

Helping Parents Heal 1st Annual Conference

Book a Reading with Nina Cree at the First Annual Helping Parents Heal ConferenceNina is booking sessions during the Helping Parents Heal Conference between Friday, April 12th and Sunday, April 15th!

If you are attending the conference and would like to have an in-person session with me, please click to the right. Spaces are extremely limited so book your session quickly.

If all spaces are taken, or you need to have a reading before the conference, I provide phone and online video sessions.

All Nina’s conference appointments have been booked!

Please contact Nina if you would like to be on the waiting list or if you want to schedule an appointment before or after the conference!


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