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She Brought Through Powerful Evidence of the Continuity of Life and Love

I have had a couple of readings with Nina, and in each one, she’s brought through powerful evidence of the continuity of life and love. In my most recent reading, Nina shared messages from my mother, missing since 1969, which completely changed my view and understanding of my life. It was a spiritually transformative experience. Painful thoughts I have had about my mother’s disappearance those many years ago were suddenly removed and replaced by new – and I have no doubt – accurate concepts which were healing and full of love. What a gift. I have, over the years, become a pretty happy person and I am grateful for the spiritual lessons I have received in the past 20 or 30 years. But this kind of sudden and spectacular rearrangement of patterns of thinking is something beyond merely a lesson. It was a gift of healing, no doubt from the highest realms. I am beyond grateful for Nina’s gift, for her commitment to the practice of mediumship (no small effort), and for her deep and abiding integrity. She is working in service to spirit and humanity. Nina is a treasure, truly. I recommend her without reservation.

Lynette, OK

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