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My Son was Not Alone

Nina Cree gave me a reading in June 2017, and my son and my grandmother came through. I got many healing messages from both. The reading was a great comfort to me. Nina immediately connected with my son.

She picked up on several key facts showing me my son was actually with us. Nina knew from the beginning my son had passed suddenly and unexpectedly and other significant details regarding his passing.

Nina gave me a word that had come to me from my son in a dream a few days before and knew his age upon passing.

From there, Nina assured me my son was not alone on the other side by giving me messages from my grandmother, which is something I had been very worried about. She allowed me to ask any questions I wanted to ask until I was satisfied with all the information I felt I needed.

Nina is a very gifted, healing medium and I highly recommend her. She takes her time with you to make sure you get the messages you need and ensures you understand the information you receive.

Elizabeth, Colorado

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