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We All Made That Happen

I recently had a reading with Nina Cree. When we were finished, I felt like the three of us – Nina, myself, and my daughter, Grace had just had the best “talk”. Of course, Grace came through with evidence at the beginning, but Grace didn’t want to waste time with that! As I sat there watching Grace “talk” through Nina I had no doubt that she was right there with us. I could see and feel all of the emotion, love, and laughter that Grace was sending through Nina.

Grace talked about how good she was doing.  I am in a support group of mothers who all have children on the other side. I consider these women my Soul Sisters. Grace confirmed that she is with a group of kids and their mothers are in my support group!  She shared her love for our newest family member, a golden retriever puppy that we named Finnick, after Grace’s favorite character from The Hunger Games. Nina said Grace was showing her a boat tied to a long wooden pier. We had just purchased our first boat!  Grace said she loves the boat and she actually showed it to Nina again later in the reading.

I could see and feel all of the emotion, love, and laughter that Grace was sending through Nina.

In 2015 Grace participated in the Firecracker 500 race.  She showed Nina a picture of one of Grace’s best friends in the 2017 race.  Out of over 1300 runners, her friend “just happened” to have the exact same number that Grace had worn in the 2015 race.  Grace said she LOVED that. I said, “I thought Grace made that happen.”  Grace said, “We all made that happen!” Grace sent so much love through Nina over and over throughout the entire reading!  She said she is with us all the time…when we are happy, (which she is glad to see our family is having more happy times again), and when we are struggling and missing her, she is with us.  She sends us signs all the time and confirmed all the “strange” signs that only I would understand!  She guaranteed the biggest party when we all meet up again! Thank you, Nina Cree.  My Journey truly shifted after you connected me to my Amazing Grace!  I will be forever grateful.

Heidi, South Carolina

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